SMS Marketing for Pubs & Bars

SMS Designed for pubs, bars & takeaways to generate immediate demand from existing customers.

Free to trial!

Get started with a FREE trial text RA36N SMS & your e-mail address to 60777. We will set up your account & call you to go through your settings.

How does spending 4.9p to get a booking for maybe a table of four sound?

Low cost & immediate responses are possible with well structured messages refer to our guide for more information.

You get a temporary POS kit with a temporary keyword (you will be able to change this when you upgrade from the trial to your paid account)

How does it work?

  1. We create a unique QR code with free POS material for you to use
  2. Customers scan your dedicated QR code or they can send the code manually
  3. The QR code creates a preseet text message
  4. You offer an incentive or discount code for current or future transactions
  5. Tip:
    • If you want to get more sign ups offer a discount on the current transaction

How much does it cost?

  • We set up & run the trial for free & includes a 30min campaign review (normally £20+VAT)
  • Then for a dedicated keyword £25+VAT per month, you can reduce the costs by taking an annual account
  • You buy credits to send SMS the cost per credit is 4.9 pence +VAT
  • Set up auto to up so you never run out of credits
  • You can set spending limits
  • Credits don’t expire, you can send as many messages as you need

How do I manage it?

  • You can mangage your account online from any laptop or tablet
  • You can download the app to manage your messages
  • You are responsible for the security on your account & looking after the customer information you gather.
  • Follow our YouTube account for tutorials & guides
  • Book a 30min campaign consultation £20+VAT (booked online)
  • If you don’t have time we can manage your SMS for you.

How do I build my contact list?

The technique is designed to create foot fall at your premises. Point of Sale (POS) promotion is the best way to grow your contact list.

You can of course promote your list on social media either directly or you could include POS material in social media posts, in the background or featured.
You can import existing data if you have any.

NOTE: You are sending information by wireless, the Wireless & Communications Act governs your communications – Read our guide here

What should I send to my contacts?

Timely promotional offers that will drive customers to your business.


Send messages with enough time for your customers to act. If you want them to book for lunchtime during the week, send messages at Friday lunchtime or send messages on Monday to promote weekend events. If you are promoting holidays or special occassions you can send messages maybe even a month before

Why should I start sending SMS?

Using SMS you are able to commuicate in real time with you customers.
Unlike conventional advertising or social media you know exactly who you are communicating with & when you want them to read your message.

Using the POS at times when you are already busy will mean you can encourage more business from your exisiting customers

Costsare very low you can schedule promotions in advance either weekly or monthly.

You can immediately create demand when you expect or have have low bookings.

How to create immediate demand?

Use one of our templates to send your promotional SMS to your contacts. Create an offer with a time limit or a set number of redemptions, you can also direct business to a specific time of day or target particular products & services.

  • 2 for 1 meal deal (set menu). From 12pm – 7pm Monday – Thursday
  • The first 10 customers to book Sunday Lunch next Sunday will receive a free bottle of house wine with their meal
    • One bottle of 1/2 price house wine per table that don’t qualify in time? You can make this offer at time of booking
  • Children eat for free (from children’s menu) with each adult ordering a main meal before 6:00pm Monday – Thursday
  • Share our latest post on Facebook to enter an exclusive prize draw for a meal for 2
  • Free starter with every main meal ordered before 6:30pm

In each example there is a limit, you could also offer event specific promotions.

TIP: Take pictures to use on your social media as well so you can advertise your past promotions, encouraging more people to join your mailing list.

If you send one message per week you will spend less than 20p per month on advertising per person.

What is in the Point Of Sales (POS) kit that is included?

Our Point Of Sale kit is set up for you to be able to use anywhere. We brand the QR code for you. This means you can use it on your menus & noticeboards.

The standard POS kit contains:

2 off A4 acrylic display stands
2 off A4 colour print
1 off Digital copy of QR code & graphics

Set up your own loyalty scheme!

You can also use this system to create customer loyalty scheme.
Want to know more about cusomter loyalty schemes? Ask during your 30min consultation or you can read more here!