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There is only one sure way to ensure your companies customer service skills are up to the standard that you expect. Carry out routine surveys, online and directly to measure customer satisfaction. Use short questionnaires to measure your customers experience.

Us a metric that you can consistantly measure again and again to give your team an overall score. Use something like the Net Promoter Score or similar metric to identify customers who are not satisfied for a specific reason.

A sure fire way of maintaining customer loyalty is to gather feed back and use it to improve the quality of your service.

Here is an example of how you could also use the results of a customer survey to improve you customers experience, you could also consider some Mystery Shopping to truely measure your customers experience.

Like any market research, you will discover the good and the bad in both your staff and sometimes your customer. Ensure you use the results to improve your staffs customer service skills and if necessary improve questionnaire design to gather more insight.

Don’t overload your customers with vast amounts of text and only collect information that you need.

For our clients we call or e-mail any customers who give poor feedback especially if it is out of context, we want to convert them back into promoters so they can say “I complained, they did something about it, could not have asked for more!”

We can also monitor social media for you to identify negative sentiments and deal with them in a proactive and positive way.

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