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From our UK call centre we can deliver a full range of inbound outsource solutions, telephone lines, e-mail, SMS, social media and webchat. From our call centre we can handle a variety of inbound communications, ordering processing, help lines or event support. Our team provide solutions suitable for business, local authorities, housing associations and charities.  Our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services can be used at the times you need the resources.

To use our inbound Contact Centre to handle inbound telephone calls for you. Simply provide us with the call volumes you want us to handle for you and the times the calls are received. We will also need to know the average length of calls and also the time it normally takes to wrap up a call. We can then calculate the number of agents we need to allocate to handling your calls.

To use our Inbound Contact Centre to handle webchat for your organisation. We need to know the visitors numbers to your website or landing page and the reason the visitor has come to your website or landing page. We can also provide specific support for dedicated pages and advertising. If you are combining webchat with your pay per click advertising we can provide dedicated teams to deal with your specific call to action or keyword.

To use our Inbound Contact Centre for social media monitoring we need to be able to look at existing levels of engagement and the amount of time each engagement. If we are providing you webchat from our inbound contact centre, we can usually move resources from one channel to the other.

To use SMS marketing support from our inbound call centre. We need to know the number of SMS messages you normally receive & the times that they arrive and how quickly we need to respond to them. We can provide automatic responses to inbound SMS to acknowledge receipt and to signpost the next actions that will be carried out.

Our Inbound Call Centre can handle can handle inbound e-mails for your business or organisation. To be able to accurately assess the resources needed to handle your inbound e-mail traffic, we need to know the volume of e-mail received and the average amount of time necessary to deal with each e-mail.

Inbound marketing is a powerful method of lead generation, combined with a specific landing page and social media monitoring, the resources of our call centre can deliver a complete multi-channel outsourcing solution for your business or organisation.

Working with our clients we become the voice of your business and deliver premium service second to none that meet and exceed your expectations.

We develop on going training programs, designed to ensure our agents deliver to our clients exacting standards.

Conventional solutions for answering customer service calls can be combined with SMS messaging, webchat and videochat to deliver a cutting edge solution for our clients.

If you are an online retailer looking to start outsourcing inbound activities but don’t have accurate volumes, get in contact and we can start to monitor volumes to be able to then calculate exactly your requirements.