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According to the DMA for every £1 you spend on telemarketing you’ll gain £11 worth of sales!

We deliver business to business (B2B) telemarketing & telesales lead generation campaigns from our call centre in Ramsbottom just outside Bury, Greater Manchester on the border with Lancashire, just 25 mins from the centre of Manchester.

Use our telesales & telemarketing teams for campaigns to:

  • B2B appointment setting
  • Follow-up product launches
  • Invites for events
  • Follow up on webinars
Raecan for Telemarketing return on investment using telemarketing as a lead generation for business growth in Bury Great Manchester, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, North West, Lancashire, United Kingdom

We can supply a complete lead generation service, supplying company data and the resources to deliver telesales campaigns for your products and services.

For both B2B and B2C sales, we follow the ICO (Information Commissioner Office) guidelines for making telephone calls and moreover always ensure we check contact numbers against the telephone preference service list. Contact numbers must be checked every 28 days in order to comply with the ICO guidelines! 

Telemarketing is a great way for businesses to communicate directly with new customers. By targetting specific areas & sectors return on investment (ROI) is very high in comparison to other forms of marketing. Return on investment is high for telemarketing for one thing because of the volume of interactions that can be achieved to very targeted companies or individuals by each telemarketing executive.

What is cold calling?

The process of contacting prospects who have had no prior engagement with your business or sales team.

Cold calling can be either B2C or B2B, you might be surprised to hear that there are strict rules in place to protect consumers with very heavy fines, however, many large organisations treat the fines as a cost of doing business. We always follow the current guidelines when making outbound calls whether B2B telemarketing or B2C.

Why use telemarketing?

B2B telemarketing is so effective, with our highly trained telesales teams you can achieve great results in a number of activities. We have been delivering telemarketing campaigns for companies in Manchester & Lancashire since 2011.

Telemarketing – How to drive your business growth

B2B Appointment Setting

  • Appointment setting for field sales teams.
  • Find new opportunities for additional product sales from existing customers
  • Upsell consumables
  • Increase service frequencies
  • Seasonal opportunities
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Combined with e-mail marketing or direct mail marketing

Event Follow Up

  • Re-connect with attendees at events
    • Exhibitions
    • Workshops
    • Webinars
  • Taking the time to gather feedback
  • Supporting follow up e-mails with a quick call from our telesales teams

Product Launches

  • Invitations to launch events
    • Existing Customers
    • New customers
  • Promote product demonstrations
  • Post-event follow up
    • Live Events
    • Webinars
  • Target competitor products with your “new Improved” product

New Business Development

  • Finding customers for a new branch or office
  • Support advertising campaigns
    • Above The Line (ATL)
      • Poster Campaigns
      • Radio adverts
      • TV adverts
      • Internet adverts etc
    • Below The Line (BTL)
    • Direct Mail
    • E-mail campaigns
    • Targetted Display advertising etc.
  • Targetted to sector
  • Targetted by location
  • Approach customers from a competitor

Telemarketing is particularly successful in these markets.

Delivering campaigns in a number of sectors mainly business to business (B2B) with a particular interest in selling to the care industry sector, dentists, doctors, accountants, construction & engineering, automotive sector targeting new business and up-selling existing services. Whilst many of our customers are in and around Lancashire & Manchester we have customers throughout the UK.

We have B2B & B2C data about companies and consumers in the UK and overseas for use in outbound telemarketing campaigns.

    We have previously worked in the following sectors:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Software
  • Software As A Service
  • Furniture
  • Pensions
  • Financial Sector
  • Care Sector
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants

Is outsourcing outbound telemarketing expensive?

Telemarketing is not very expensive compared to running a field sales team not to mention, a telemarketing team normally has to function with an existing field sales team. If you wanted to start your own telemarketing team this is what you should do.

How much does Telesales cost?

We work on an hourly rate for our outbound telemarketing contracts. Our rates include all call charges, training, call recording and quality checking.

Please use the links below to tell us a little more about the market you would like to target with your product or service and one of our specialists will be in contact to arrange a meeting!

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At Ræcan we charge an hourly rate per agent. The total cost depends on the length of the contract & the number of agents needed for a specific telesales campaign.
After we have trained our telemarketing teams, you can book time as you need on an ongoing monthly basis.

Cost For Telemarketing from Ræcan per agent includes:

  • Call charges to UK landlines only – mobile & overseas available
  • Preparation of training material
  • TPS/CTPS checks on all telephone numbers
  • Call recording
  • Quality Checking
  • Ongoing training

Where are your telesales teams based?

All of our telemarketing agents are in the UK near Manchester. This means we can control quality & ensure our agents are paid fairly for work they do moreover, we abide by the relevant regulations in the UK & Europe.

10 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Telemarketing to us

  1. Do not have resources to put in place the “Ten Things you need to start your own internal sales or telesales department”
  2. You or your sales team never have time to make the necessary outbound calls
  3. Your sales department complains about a lack of leads being generated
  4. You do not have a large enough sales funnel to justify a full-time sales & marketing operation
  5. Your business is seasonal
    • Dips in sales during Summer or Winter holidays
  6. You need to invest capital into your product or service
    • Not to increase your company overheads
  7. You don’t have the skills necessary to run a full-time telemarketing team
  8. You only require telesales to support occasional projects
  9. Outsourcing means the flexibility to scale your operation up & down as you need
  10. You don’t have the resources to quality check calls routinely

What is the difference between telesales & telemarketing?

Telesales & telemarketing are essentially the same things read this definition & history from Wikipedia.

There are no real hacks, you have to have trained staff who can work to a process and who are prepared to put in the hard yards to achieve results.

Whilst numerous methods using social media platforms are offered as ‘hacks’ to achieve the same result, the truth is, that they are just methods used by companies & people who can’t do outbound telesales or have no experience of cold calling.

Either they don’t have the resources, data, infrastructure or staff, occasionally they don’t have the required skills and often they know little about the product or they have used a script that they did not get results with previously.

Ultimately you need to have in place everything in our article “Ten Things you need to start your own internal sales or telesales department”

Always consider outsourcing your outbound calls at times of high demand, all of our telesales staff are in the UK.

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