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It is estimated that well over 90% of SMS messages are read.

Even if they are unsolicited.

It is against the law to send unsolicited SMS messages the ICO are constantly issuing fines and closing business that carry out these activities.

However sending messages to your customers who have opted in to receive messages means you have direct access to them, you can make exclusive offers and promote events directly. Here are some examples of how businesses could use SMS messaging.

Businnesses that can use SMS marketing

SMS For Pubs & Clubs

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

SMS Marketing for Gyms & Fitness instructors

SMS Marketing at Exhibitions

SMS For New Promotions

SMS messaging for Pubs & Clubs is a great way to engage with your existing customers and increase sales. You can give special offers exclusively to people who have opted in from your venue. eg. ‘Say hello sailor’ when your order your drinks between 6-7pm on Friday and get a voucher you can use on Saturday for 1/2 price first drinks.Restaurant marketing with SMS messaging for your contacts gives a direct call to action and a great way to make exclusive offers to your already loyal customers. You can also run a loyalty scheme that rewards returning customers. You know that contacts have had to visit your restaurant to get access to the promotion. They are more likely to share your ‘Secret’ with their friends and familyGyms using SMS messaging with exclusive special offers is a great way to motivate members. You can include links to online content and also get social media engagement. Your members will be able to promote your services just from a single SMS message“Engage with your visitors, get them to send SMS message to get more information, you can include an e-mail address and get an auto-response sent containing details of products or services available. You can also follow up after the event with our outbound calling service.SMS marketing for exhibitions will increase your success. Add a QR code to your message to make sign up even more simple!SMS messaging is a great way to gather opted in leads for your promotion. Include e-mail address for more details or a better chance to win? Add a dedicated landing page with social media sharing enabled to enter your competition.

SMS Marketing – Keyword rental or short code

Contact 1000’s of your customers on their mobile phone or smartphone, spend only pennies Text RA36N to 60777 to find out more!

Send your SMS message to b2b or b2c contacts

  • Business Continuity Text Messages
  • Promotions via SMS Messages
  • Information and updates from SMS messages
  • Announcements
  • Group recipients to receive specific SMS messages


Have a look at our blog about SMS messaging and how it can be used by different business.

How does SMS marketing work?

By using a shortcode you can quickly gather details from your audience.
There are two ways to do this, either rent a keyword on a dedicated shortcode for a period of time or rent your own short code number, that you will use to send and receive your SMS messages.
We supply either and we manage your responses for you.
Your audience pays their standard network rate for sending the SMS message or you can pay for the SMS message and your contact sends the SMS message for FREE!.
You pay a fixed price per response SMS that you send.
You set your budget for sending at the start of the rental, once you reach that budget no more text messages will be broadcast until you add more credit.


Text “Buy_one” (the keyword) to 60777 (the text or SMS shortcode)

Can I send the keyword to a different number?

If you are just renting the keyword you cannot specify the SMS shortcode and you will only be given responses that start with your keyword or phrase. In our example you would receive a message if you asked people to send this keyword “Buy_one Yellow”

How may keywords can I have if I rent a text short code?

By renting your own text shortcode you have an unlimited number of keywords available, you can run different promotions or make geographic selections by changing the keyword for each different location.
However, the set-up costs are significant and there is a minimum 12-month contract payable in advance. This option is really only open to large multiple groups.

What’s the difference between renting a keyword or a text short code

Primarily cost, renting a keyword is cheaper per month but you are limited to only that word or phrase but this is suitable to most businesses and you can add a second word so you can differentiate where a message originates from.

Renting your own shortcode is more expensive but you are not limited to the number of keywords that you have. You do need to take a minimum contract however and there are setup fees as well.

What SMS marketing packages are available?

Rental packages



  • Monthly Keyword rental
  • 6 month Keyword rental
  • 12 month Keyword rental


  • Minimum 12 month Shortcode rental

Campaign management varies depending on the amount of time you wish to allocate and the length of contract. We start at a basic monthly fee through to an integrated campaign that might include telemarketing.