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Our contact centre offers a full range of outbound services for all types of business.

In addition to traditional telesales, telemarketing, cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting our other service included are white mail, e-mail, sms and webchat, we also provide social media monitoring.

We understand that outsourcing is something that you probably really need but have never thought you would be able to integrate with your business. Traditional telemarketing for lead generation is still an effective way of contacting a large number of targeted customers, particularly in b2b markets, in b2c sector poorly targeted intrusive campaigns run by off shore companies have almost entirely removed the effectiveness of cold calling consumers but outbound call keeping in contact with existing customers is still effective. We have years of experience of dealing with many brands you would recognise as well as some more obscure and unique sectors! What ever sector your product you need to sell, we have a solution that is right for you, contact us to discuss how we can help your business today.

By outsourcing to us you are gaining a resource that will deliver a bespoke service that will enhance your business whilst letting you concentrate on your core business. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet your requirements, whether single or multiple channel we have an outbound solution for you.

Whether we need to provide you with fulfilment services or simply to promote your seminar or exhibition we are able to provide you with a complete range of outsourced outbound services across multiple channels.

Why not maximise the effectiveness of e-mail marketing by checking out our inbound services where implementing webchat onto specific landing pages will increase your conversion rate. If you don’t have the capability we can also design and supply your landing pages. You can also outsource your inbound communications to us.

By using our skills and systems you will be able to deliver a full range of outbound services that will enhance your business and increase responsiveness. All critical in todays fast paced world, whether you are an online business, a car dealership or in a niche sector we can work on full time or part time programs that deliver the results you need.

Using our agents to make outbound telemarketing calls for you, releases you to concentrate on converting leads into sales. We record all of our inbound and outbound calls so we can quality check each individual agent and ensure they are delivering the message you want to your future customers.

Our agents are fully trained regarding your products and services we develop a training profile with all of our clients, offering a more comprehensive solution and helping us to add value to the communications we make.

Depending on the product or service we are promoting we expect an individual agent to make over 100 calls per day, we can make over 1000 calls per day with all of our agents allocated to the project. By outsourcing your outbound communications to us you are able to take advantage of this resource on a project by project basis.

Our outbound white mail service is designed for volumes just below the Royal Mail third class mailing volume of 4,000 it provides a service to companies can take advantage of whilst still providing a lower cost service than carrying taking fulfilment inhouse.

Combining our outbound services delivers better results for our clients and means customers are contacted in a timely manner with relevant information.

Combining our outbound services with a tool like Lead Forensics means our clients are able to convert visitors to their website into engaged customers. Providing these services during a paid advertising campaigns also helps to increase conversion rates and provide instant feedback.

All of our agents are based in our UK call centre in Bury just north of Manchester. All of our training and quality checking is carried out inhouse by our experienced team. We work closely with our local colleges to find the best new talent, combined with our experienced agents we can find the right voice for your campaign.

We work in a wide range of sectors and can deliver b2b or b2c campaigns.

Our outbound services are provided on either a project or a full-time basis with resources allocated according to the requirements of each client. The flexibility we can offer is further enhanced by our systems and process.

Outbound activities are designed to increase engagement with new customers but you can use our services to contact existing or lapsed customers, have a look at our page about surveys to see how we can increase engagement and run a continuous program for you.

Starting a new business and want some market research undertaking? Get in contact we can carry out research for you and help you with measuring market size. When you are ready to start trading use our virtual office to take your initial inbound calls.