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In todays face paced world e-mail has become part of every day life. When Ray Thompson sent the first e-mail in 1971 it was plain text and when asked he could not recall exactly what the content of the mail was, he suggested something like “qwertyuiop”

Today there are numerous ways of sending e-mail but that doesn’t mean you should! If you are going to “Do It Yourself” just check you are doing all of the things listed.

Build your own list!

Gather your own e-mail address list, ensure you keep control of them. Make gathering an e-mail address part of your outbound marketing and engagement.

Update your CRM

Encourage staff to check e-mail address when dealing with contacts.
Make sure you allocate time to update your customer records, whether they are on a spreadsheet or a dedicated CRM system.


Include an unsubcribe link and keep your list clean. If you find that you have a lot of unsubscriptions make sure you are sending relevant content and that you are not bombarding your contacts!

Subject Line

Work very hard on including an engaging subject line.
Don't include unnecessary punctuation.
Include positive words and give a reason to open the e-mail


It seems to be obvious but make sure your content is relevant. Think about what makes you engage with e-mails you receive.

Think outside the box

Rather than sending an e-mail campaign for your range of office furniture.
Base your campaign around ergonomics or work stations assessments, these are bound to get recipients to engage.

Add value

Add value to your customers and they will engage with you at times when they do not need your product or service.

A picture paints a 1000 words

Get your message across more quickly by using relevant pictures and graphics.
If you are using stock media make sure you comply with any licensing and you give credit when required.
Make sure you are consistent with colours, fonts and layout.

Add to your brand recognition

Use consistent branding across your e-mail, social media and web presence

Where are you sending your customers!

Do not send your customers to a standard webpage, there are too many distractions! If you need help in creating landing pages get in contact with us.


Ensure you have some remarketing tags set up on your landing page so you can keep talking to visitors, via advertising or future social media.


If you are running an event or exhibition think about implementing our webchat service so you get maximise conversion rates

Implement URL tagging

There are numerous ways of implementing URL tags, update them if you are using the same landing page for different channels.


Identify if it is your e-mail, social media or organic search that is delivering traffic to your landing page.

URL Structure

There are several tags that you can include in your campaign URL, there are various tools for building your URL without having to type the code yourself.
Campaign Source, utm_source=Raecan_email. Required Identify where traffic has come from.
Campaign Medium, utm_medium=First_email. RequiredUse this to show what is the communication that has resulted in the click.
Campaign Term, utm_term=in_text. Use this to identify keywords or where in an e-mail the link is positioned.
Campaign Content, utm_content=header. This is a great tag to use for A/B testing, in this case we are saying this link is in the header section of the e-mail
Campaign Name, utm_name=Raecan_lead_generation.Required Use this to identify the agency or activity that has generated the traffic via the URL
This is what a campaign URL would look like:
This is what will appear in your analytics report.


Follow up your e-mails with a phone call! You get direct feedback and can change how you interact with specific contacts.

Change channels!

You want to allow users to communicate with you in the way they want.

White Mail

Seriously send direct mail with similar graphics and a call to action you can offer an alternative with direct mail, call, text or visit

QR Codes

Be careful but you can use a QR code to engage with users directly

Use e-mail marketing to increase your sales and promote your products and services