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Geofilters SnapChat & What Your Missing!

Use Snapchap Geofilters To Advertise Your BusinessYou are missing out – here’s how to fix it

Not sure SnapChat is for your retail or leisure business? Think again! If you are a national or international brand you can have a full marketing campaign with all the graphics you can afford. If you need to run national campaigns, complete your details & we will give you a call to discuss your requirements.

What’s in it for local business?

Local business can benefit from using a feature called Geofilters, in effect you fence off an area & show your filter in that area. Users have to swipe through to the filter & your company name will appear briefly.

There is a minimum area for coverage of 20,000 sqft, (about the size of an average pub car park) check out the video demonstration.

At current advertising costs it will cost you just under £10 per week a weekend is less than £5! You can’t control who sees your filter they just have to have SnapChat & be in the “fenced” area. There are also restrictions on using other social media tags & urls.

In effect users will be promoting there location & your business by reference

Create your filter!

Use a Snapchat geofilter to promote your business
Simple Geofilter

Either use one of the standard filters (boring) or get us to design one for you.

Food Pictures!

Users share with friends but it’s a great way of advertising your venue.


Run a treasure hunt that means users have to collect your geofilter on their picture, then come in store to redeem. Pictures should be on the live stream & not a screen shot if you want to control when promotions stop. You can advertise the promotion in store or on other social media channels.

Who are the audience?

18-24 year olds are by far the largest user group globally but the demographic is increasing in the 25-35 year old band, with anyone over 35 not really getting into the figures at all!

Trends as with probably all platforms is that users we get older with the platform, as with Facebook.

To finish up

So if your business needs to be promoted to these age groups can you afford not to advertise using geofilters?