Customer Service: Bothered?


Ræcan telemarketing solutions in Lancashire and the NorthwestNo? You’re right don’t worry about the additional expense of following up your customers and asking them what they think. You will save money by not having to send literature or listening to their opinions. You will save even more money when you find your competitors have focussed on customer acquisition and retention programs.


Ræcan customer service in Lancashire and the North West

Yes! Good you should be. Customer service is key to customer retention but how can you deliver customer service when you are busy running your business? There are simple steps that can deliver a great customer service experience without costing you the earth. Put in a dedicated customer service number, put a  live chat feature on your website, play promotional messages to your customers when they phone. How? At Ræcan we prepare a package that meets your needs, we stick to your budget and can increase support at times when you need. We set up a monthly contract that delivers you the resource that you need. The technology that we use is sophisticated enough to control large numbers of calls efficiently, Click here to send us an e-mail we will arrange an appointment to discover how we can help you.