How could you start using SMS marketing today?

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This week we have looked at a few ways you could use SMS or text marketing to generate inbound leads and then associate that with some outbound activity.

Multi level approach

Think of the ways you could integrate SMS marketing with some of the other techniques available. Use telemarketing to follow up inbound SMS marketing, gather more information with the telephone call. This not only generates more data, it also demonstrates a commitment to customer service that helps you be more professional than your competitors.

Include e-mail marketing in your outbound marketing, use the e-mail to drive traffic to your social media channels, your website (create links) and your telephone. Integrate analystics into your back links so you can measure your success.

Add to the value of your data

Convert paper records into an electronic format that you can keep updated.

Combine your data and customer information to produce a powerful dataset that you can continue to use. Data mining and analysis allows you to look at your customers profile through out the year.
Call us to discuss how we could append your data. Target your marketing activities at the times when you need to increase sales eg. start a summer campaign earlier to allow for a quieter time in August.

I’ve only got one pair of hands!

When did we start with that 48 hour day?

Sorry we haven’t, in fact we are really stuck with only a 37 1/2 hour week!
So if you don’t have time to answer your phone, make our outbound sales calls, send out your SMS, write your e-mail shots, analyse your data, map your customers or append your data then call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail, it’s all we do!