Ræcan Recorder

We don't just generate leads or make cold calls. We also produce a daily 'paper' with news and information that we hope you will find interesting. We also share articles…

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Data or a pile of numbers?

Call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail Making sure you have data and not a mess of information What is data? Well in this context we mean customer or prospects…

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Restaurant customer feedback

Want to find a happy customer? Call 01706 304450 or read on and then call! How do you measure your customer feedback? Do you use TripAdvisor? Monitor your social media feeds…

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Virtual Assistant/call answering

Are you a small business owner? Do you worry about what happens to customers who call you when you are on the phone? What happens when you are busy and have…

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Promoting your company

In today's digital world, getting your company listed in directories is straight forward, there are numerous local and industry specific listings. If you compliment your entries and cross link them you can…

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Ræcan launch News blog

News and updates from Ræcan Marketing Solutions. We include articles and features that could be of interest to our clients. In addition we will post features about our clients and…

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