Data or a pile of numbers?

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Making sure you have data and not a mess of information

What is data? Well in this context we mean customer or prospects contact details and information. We could also include spending and behavioral patterns but you need to be able to gather this information quickly, visit our entry Customer Survey to look at some of the ways we could help you to gather data and use it for your future marketing and communications.

Golden Rule #1

Keep your data up to date and clean! How? Use it! Send e-mail shots, run social media activities, carry out surveys online and over the telephone, use SMS marketing. Anything that gets the data looked at regularly so you can start to see gaps and fill them in.

Adding to your existing data

In some cases you will have some data that you need to update with new information, either carry out an outbound marketing activity using telemarketing to append or clean your data, research based appending is also good particularly for B2B contacts. Combine this with some inbound marketing as well, ensuring you gather e-mail and contact numbers, mobile and landline, for every customer that calls. If you don’t have a receptionist or have never recorded this data before use our virtual office  to start gathering information.

Using your data effectively

There is no point in carrying out a data cleaning or appending process if you are not going to use the information whilst it is clean and fresh. If you have a very large data set break it down into more manageable size chunks, maybe clean the data one month then use it, the following month whilst carrying out the data cleaning for the data to use the next month. You develop a data pipeline that you can start to convert into a sales pipeline, using telemarketing and e-marketing.  Call us today 01706 304450

Golden Rule #3

Only use opted in data and allow contacts to opt out. Why? There are numerous rules regarding privacy for a start and breaking them is a very costly mistake but also you have gathered that the individual does not want or need your service, great you have saved yourself a stamp at least, as well as any other direct marketing costs you would have incurred.  

Golden Rule #3

Keep your data safe and secure. We don’t hold any customer payment records, if you do ensure they are kept safe and secure, the damage to you and your customers will be immense if they fall into the hands of criminals.

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