SMS marketing perfect for Inbound and Outbound marketing

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You don’t have to have a budget of thousands of pounds to take a step into SMS or text marketing. Costs are relatively low by comparison to conventional outbound marketing routes either for b2b or b2c customers.

The initial cost is for renting the SMS keyword, this is the word that directs your customers to you, there is a monthly charge for renting the word, the longer you rent the word for the lower the cost per month. Be warned as soon as you stop renting the keyword it is available to anyone who wants it!

The remaining cost is for sending the text message, this should be no more than 160 characters and should allow customers to opt out of further messages. For these examples we will say messages cost £0.10+VAT each, costs vary depending on the number of text messages you send per month. Call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail to get an estimate.

Example #1 Small start up business, driving instructor

Rent the keyword “Drive” for a year (you pay monthly) prepare your call to action “Text

QR code for sending Inbound SMS marketing messages
SCAN ME!! or Text Drive followed by your name to 601111
Using a QR code means your potential customers just have to scan the code! Readers are available for free on all the current app stores.

Drive and your name to 601111 to book a lesson”. If you add a QR code you can add this to your signs/advertising so potential customers can scan the code. Messages are charged at your customers standard network rate.

You are now able to receive messages directly from potential clients who want your services. You have now set up your own inbound marketing route, combine this with other methods of advertising to increase your coverage to gather new customers.

Say you can also offer advanced driver training or motorway driving for new drivers, you can text directly, to your customers who have recently passed their driving test. If you had a 100 contacts it would cost you £10.00 +VAT to send a message to all of them!

You can also send a link, use this to carry out a customer survey of your recent pupils, gather some more information like e-mail address, ask for a referral.

That is an inbound and outbound marketing tool for less than £50 per month!

More examples tomorrow and throughout the week, if you have a specific request for a quotation. Call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail or alternatively you could scan the QR code and see what happens!