Promoting your company

Ræcan use state of the art equipment to deliver sophisticated solutionsIn today’s digital world, getting your company listed in directories is straight forward, there are numerous local and industry specific listings. If you compliment your entries and cross link them you can immediately start generating interest.

Use websites like:

You can start generating enquiries make sure you are ready to deal with them. Ræcan can provide you with the help you need whilst you are starting your company, from complete automated call handling or virtual assistant to providing technical support. We can also create a database of contacts for you to use in the future to market new products or services.

Ræcan deliver Customer Surveys Our customer surveys can deliver customer insight with out taking up your time and resources, whether you are a restaurant, an engineering company or a charity, you can gain great results to help you increase your business and results.

Link your survey results and database and create a loyalty program that delivers you results.