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Q: How do you protect your business during a recession? 

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Simple QR code allows your customers to engage with your customer survey and increases your customer data

A: Hard work and customer retention

Simples! but how do you listen to your customer with out creating massive amounts of work and taking resources away from your main line of business?
Simples! Contact us at Ræcan we can create your customer survey and loyalty program. We will compile your results and manage your data. You can change the depth of analysis and monitoring, from our standard flat rate to live full time monitoring.

You get a simple straight forward report highlighting key points and features. We can deliver real time results or produce summaries. Get instant feedback about promotions, new menus or events. Encourage your staff to promote customer feedback, offer incentives for participation maybe a prize draw or voucher?

We will supply you with code and links to add to your website and social media accounts so your customers can always give feedback. Using a QR code that can be scanned with a smart phone means your customers can interact whilst in your premise. We canRæcan Marketing Solutions customer survey and loyalty scheme create posters for you with instructions and details of your survey and loyalty scheme.

Who should have a customer survey or loyalty scheme?

Customer satisfaction applies to business, professional services, charities and the voluntary sector. Whether you are a dentist, a solicitor, an accountant, an optician, a local charity, a local authority or an international company you need to engage with your customers. Spend all you like on advertising, if your customers are not satisfied they will tell as many people as will listen, word of mouth and personal recommendation support advertising and strengthen your reputation and brand.

What should you measure?

You should set an overall question that you will constantly ask to all customers, there are numerous standards and questions, just ask and we can help you develop the right question for you. This gives you a benchmark that you can publish to your staff, link it to bonuses and performance related rewards.
For specific projects add supplementary questions but not too many you want to engage not interrogate. Make sure you get contact information and permission to use it for your loyalty program, this means you can interact directly with customers that support you and your business.

How do you deal with negative feedback ?

Not all feedback is going to be positive but that does not mean it is not valuable. Investigate what has caused the problem, evaluate the complaint and decide what action you are going to take. Do not forget to tell the customer what you have done and say thank you for their feedback!! If your customer has taken the time to tell you they have had a problem be thankful and remember they have probably told friends and family as well.

How do you deal with positive feedback?

Pat your self on the back? Well yes but be cautious and investigate! You should have a mix of feedback, you are never going to please all of the people all of the time and if you link satisfaction to staff rewards remember they could be influencing responses!
Look for patterns in behaviour, maybe there is a specific time when customers are happy whilst at another they are not.

What results will you get?

If you don’t measure your performance how will you notice it is declining? Engage your staff and customers alike, improve the whole service that you offer, continuous improvement is easier than trying to recover.
Use your loyalty scheme to promote seasonal or special events directly to your customers. Gathering feedback means you can retain up to date information that you can use to promote your business. At Ræcan we specialise in delivering promotional support and we can deliver a powerful campaign to suit your budget and needs.

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