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So far we have considered a sole trader using SMS marketing to generate inbound leads and using SMS in an outbound activity. We have also looked at how to engage with an audience at an event. Today we are going to concentrate on using SMS to make exclusive offers to trade customers.If you are interested in SMS for your business and wanting to find the best deal check out this SMS reseller white label software.

Example #3

First and foremost you must only use opted in data, that is data that your customer has given you and have agreed you can use.

Again we will assume that text cost £0.10+VAT and we are going to rent a keyword.

The Scenario

We have a small builders merchant, with an extensive range of products, including consumables. Sold via our trade counter and also an e-commerce website that delivers about 70% of the sales in the business. The objective is to increase the value of trade counter sales.

What is the set up

QR code for sending Inbound SMS marketing messages
Using a QR code means your potential customers just have to scan the code! Readers are available for free on all the current app stores.

We need to get the opted in data using signage around the trade counter and something on invoices for internet customers, add something on your social media. Consider adding a QR Code to the signage to give maximum impact and make it easier for customers to participate. Offer a prize draw in the first month to encourage participation.

Now set up a series of promotions focused on consumables and items that will give the broadest appeal eg. Link Stanley Knife blades with silicon sealant.

Using SMS marketing to promote a combined package of products
Any consumable that you could buy in bulk you should consider promoting in this way


“Buy 6 tubes of silicon sealant and get a pack of Stanley Knife blades FREE Whilst stocks last, COLLECTION ONLY, REPLY “Reserve” to secure your stock”.

Combine products for a promotion delivered using outbound SMS
Add relevant products to deliver an attractive package





Try and anticipate seasonal requirements a few weeks in advance, so you are in the mind of your customers. Coolants, antifreeze, spill kits, wipes, gloves, shoe covers any consumable that is going to be required frequently and you can get a better price for if you buy in bulk. You are now making frequent contact with your customers but also increasing footfall to your trade counter. You are competing against large multiples with massive resources for advertising but they are slow to respond, if you can get your product into your customers stock, no amount of additional advertising will make them buy more!

Promote tool box talks or demonstrations from new suppliers, introduce new catalogue launches.  As the use of smart phones and tablets expands you can include attachments as well, gather e-mail address from your customers and send e-mail shots that allow you to show case higher value products.

The SMS costs

Well we know £0.10 +VAT per SMS to send to 100 customers costs £10+VAT, as you are up selling products, ie. twice as many sealants per sale, you would only need something better than a 1% response rate to pay for the sending.

Keyword rental depends on how long you commit to but if you budget around £35+VAT per month you have left yourself with the greatest number of choices.

So if you sent a message every week to 100 customers that would only cost you £75+VAT per month to send out 4 sales promotions up selling to your existing customers.

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