Customer Feedback

surveys__190x190The  Sure Fire Secret Weapon To Make You Even More Awesome

Let Them Scream & Shout & let it all out

We run customer surveys for clients, some online, some on cards & some by SMS, some with a great customer service metric & these are the ones that are even more awesome.

They generate great leads for us to use in the e-marketing, online advertising & social media campaigns we also run alongside the surveys for our clients. (You didn’t think it was a Free Lunch did you?)

The one thing that all of our clients struggle with is negative feedback.

A Quick Reality Check, Get Your Feet On The Ground

One of our clients runs a successful food retail outlet, their TripAdvisor scores are good but their own survey is meteoric, well over 99% of respondents will recommend to friends & family (Awesome! We don’t care if 50% of these people are fibbing, it means over 500 people a quarter could say something good about our client). We like Adwords, Bing, Twitter & Facebook/Instagram advertising but one good word is priceless!

Will Bad News Kill Your Business?

No. There is no such thing just an opportunity to improve or learn. We find out what went on, who or what was to blame & what we can learn from the feedback.

  • Getting A Negative Response Just Means You Know What You Have To Do To Be AwesomeOne of our clients got very poor scores, across the board for everything! (Not Awesome) It was early days & we were not sure what the average response would be. So we dispatched an e-mail (The Secret Weapon) something along these lines:

“Thank you for your recent feedback, we run the customer survey for ABC, we noticed that you scored poor in all categories, could you take a minute & tell us why you gave this score so we can feedback to ABC & help them improve, your comments will remain anonymous. Thank you in advance”

  • Some what concerned we waited with bated breath for the reply, when it came….. well,
    • “Really sorry didn’t have my glasses with me, really love ABC & have booked a family celebration, please let them know it was great!”
  • Just a simple e-mail got a great response & we know the celebration went well, they told our client! Awesome!

Our Recommendations

  • Deal with negative feedback as quickly as you do positive.
  • DO NOT take it personally.
    • You have no idea what kind of a day the person complaining has had but you should keep your response professional.
  • cocktailsIf you have messed up apologise,
    • You don’t have to give a discount or anything else, just say sorry, if you want to give something away that is complementary, do it at the next visit.
      • Some folks just like to complain to get money off you know.
  • Listen to the feedback even if it is painful to hear.
    • Fix what you can.
    • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Pat yourself on the back you obviously care what your customers think.
    • That puts you way ahead of most of your competition.
  • Remember the other benefits your survey is bringing you

Of course we carry out surveys so we are some what biased, we know they are the sure fire way to make you awesome, why don’t you read this article in the Entrepeneur for some independent advice or better still start giving yourself the chance to be awesome.

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