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How to write a blog in 5 easy steps!

Anyone can create a blog post in seconds! This 5 step checklist is the quickest way to create great content without using a copywriter. Less than £1 per day!
Step1: Decide on a topic for your blog post
Use your favourite search engine to get some inspiration or comment on recent trends or new stories. How to guides & reviews are also great content for your blog
Step 2: Create an account here
Create an account with that cost about £20 per month depending on the exchange rate $ to £ check the latest price here when you sign up we will add 10,000 credits to your account. That gives you 30,000 words for less than £30!
Step 3: Copy & Paste your content
It’s that simple! Just copy & paste your created content! Set up your business information & start creating content!
Step 4: Add images & optimise!
Make sure you have an engaging image use Canva to edit your photos or create graphics for FREE. Not sure if your content is optimised? Not sure what SEO is our intro post breaks it down, if you have a website but don’t know if you are set up to capitalise on SEO read our SEO checklist
Step 5: Distribute your content
Use social media to share your content, make sure you have optimised your Facebook & Twitter cards. Join our Facebook group & share your content

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Do you struggle with writer’s block? Try out the starter membership before upgrading to the Pro version. Sign up today and we will add 10,000 credits to your account, that’s enough credit for at least 10 blog posts for your clients. For less than £100! Check the price today Start creating content
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