Winnie the Pooh Day #winniethepoohday AA Milne Birthday

18th January was the birthday of A A Milne to remember him & some of his wonderful characters #winniethepoohday has been popular with fans.

We can’t run a teddy bears picnic or go to Pooh Corner to play Pooh sticks but we can run a little quiz!
See how many you can get before you take to the internet! Points for the answer & name the poem.

Answers on our Facebook & Twitter tomorrow!


  1. What kind of physicians looked after Christopher Robin?
  2. Which famous royal does the Teddy Bear meet?
  3. Who was the wisest knight from Appledore?
  4. How much would Alice refuse to be King?
  5. What upsets Mary Jane?
  6. What could the dormouse see?
  7. What is the reply if you ask me a riddle?
  8. What is needed for the Royal Slice of Bread?
  9. What was the sea doing?
  10. How does Christopher Robin go?

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