Have the rules been broken?

Interesting press release from the ICO relating to calls made during the election campaign.

Believe it or not!

In essence there are very strict rules about making calls to private individuals, you may be aware of the TPS (Telephone Preference Scheme) you can register your number so you should not receive unsolicited calls, however that does not mean you wont be contacted for legitimate market research purposes.
This is something that is exploited quiet often by unscrupulous companies to make calls to numbers on the TPS/CTPS list, a reputable market research company will tell you what they are doing & who they are doing it for, every time!

There are also very specific rules about the data a company can hold about you as an individual.

We always check our data against the TPS (& CTPS database) the only way we can make a call is if that individual or company is not on the list or has given express permission to use their data.

Telemarketing Is Dead !

Far from it, delivering a fast inter active campaign directly to individuals or companies is highly effective, if the correct targeting & proposition are used.

Using social media platforms, landing pages  & web chat will also help to amplify the results you can achieve with an outbound campaign.

Top Tip

Don’t forget good old fashioned white mail, if you are sending less than 3,000 pieces talk to us about our white mail service, if you are sending more than 3,000 you should talk to a mailing house, you will be eligible for third class postal rates!

It’s always a scam, ban the lot of them!

No, it’s not, there are strict rules that reputable companies follow, if you receive calls that are inappropriate etc. report them directly to the ICO, all calls should now present a valid Caller Id if you don’t see a number or get one when you 1471, note the companies name & report them directly to ICO.

Ban the lot!

If that is what you want, you will have to ban motor cars, motor bikes & vans etc. because they are used by armed robbers. Reporting companies that are breaking the regulations is the best way to combat problem callers.

What does the future hold?

Simple GDPR is coming!

There are still uncertainties about what the new legislation will entail but regardless of BREXIT it is likely that the regulations will remain inline with those governing Europe, the UK has been a leading contributor to drawing up the legislation.

We will have to see how the ICO deal with Blue Telecoms ……………