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Data or a pile of numbers?

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Call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail Making sure you have data and not a mess of information What is data? Well in this context we mean customer or prospects contact details and information. We could also include spending and

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Restaurant customer feedback

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Want to find a happy customer? Call 01706 304450 or read on and then call! How do you measure your customer feedback? Do you use TripAdvisor? Monitor your social media feeds and comments? How do you qualify the results? Using the

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Virtual Assistant/call answering

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Are you a small business owner? Do you worry about what happens to customers who call you when you are on the phone? What happens when you are busy and have to divert your calls to an answer phone? Do you

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Customer Service: Bothered?

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Bothered? No? You’re right don’t worry about the additional expense of following up your customers and asking them what they think. You will save money by not having to send literature or listening to their opinions. You will save even

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Receptionists are the new super computers

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Regardless of the type of business you run, there is one thing that you will have whether you like it or not……………… A receptionist or someone who answers the phone for you, it might be you, it could be another member

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Promoting your company

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In today’s digital world, getting your company listed in directories is straight forward, there are numerous local and industry specific listings. If you compliment your entries and cross link them you can immediately start generating interest. Use websites like:

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Customer retention is key to success

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At Ræcan Marketing Solutions Ltd we offer a full range of call centre and telemarketing functions to business on short (4 hours) to medium or full-time contracts. In a recent survey of business leaders: 41% expect the battle to gain

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