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A key part of any digital marketing activity is a strong landing page, relevant to the subject in hand with a clear call to action.

This is normally separate to your existing website. Design is critical to delivering maximum engagement, we offer A/B testing of different elements so we can maximise the impact of your landing page.

Integrate webchat onto your page for maximum engagement and direct social media posts to your landing page, use Twitter and +Google to drive real-time visitors to your site.

In the examples you can see how all of the relevant information for the visitor is included in the single page, this helps to ensure the visitor completes your call to action.

In addition you can add cookies that help to support your display advertising programs, to make sure you remain in the mind of your customers after they have visited your site and are browsing the internet.

Include pictures, video and downloads to maximise the engagement your visitors have, use our telemarketing services to follow up visitors and users that download information.

Promote events and webinars with a single landing page to identify the format your potential customers prefer to use.