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Origins of our name Ræcan

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Why name a marketing partner Ræcan?

Our name comes from old english and means to reach or to attain.
The ‘æ’ symbol is a diphthong and should be pronounced like the ‘a’ in ‘cat’ or ‘bat’

We chose our name to represent the services that we can offer to our clients, to increase awareness of our clients services directly to their customers. Combining the latest communication technology with our flexible resources helps our clients to maximise there return on investment.

We ‘reach’ your customers so you can ‘attain’ sales and success.


We offer a full range of inbound and outbound marketing services. We offer services that help our clients ‘reach’ new customers and keep in contact with existing customers. Allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business whilst taking advantage of our sales & marketing skills and experience.

How to type ‘æ’

With the number pad enabled on your keyboard press Alt + 0230 on a PC or Option + 0230 using a Mac, the symbol is included in most standard fonts, you can also cut & paste from the character map. You can use the same method to add other symbols via keyboard short cuts as well!

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