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Disaster Recovery

This page was first published in 2012

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No one wants to have to deal with a disaster at work but it happens and unfortunately most companies do not have a disaster recovery plan ready to go. ISO 22301:2012 compliance is a way off for many small to medium sized companies.

Check you can divert your telephone calls online, it should be available from most providers, some will charge you extra, others include this in the price they charge.

For a small to medium sized business there is a real risk of not being able to deal with a disaster of any kind. If you have a company that takes care of your IT you have ‘probably’ got your data backed up somewhere but what about the other areas of your business?

It is not only the IT infrastructure you need to worry about.

How do you communicate with your customers?
How to you communicate with your workforce?
How will you keep taking orders?

Amongst our outsourced services we offer a disaster recovery solution that can help to reduce the costs of your insurance by allowing you to measure the amount of loss you incur, you can also contact your workforce and prevent them from coming into harms way. Your customers will still be able to place orders but we may have to process them manually.

For our clients using our disaster recovery facilities we offer a standard immediate response package that will allow business continuity. We then work closely with our clients to deliver the services that are needed for an agreed time scale.

We are also able to monitor real time social media, if you are experiencing difficulties you many not be able to update these channels until you have been able to establish a new location or connection.

Immediate call support

If you loose your telephone or data connection we can offer immediate response and support. In the worst case that your business is closed due to flooding or another disasterous event we will provide you with the support you need immediately and work with you and your staff to deliver a longer term solution. Call us directly to discuss the service levels we can deliver.

Longer term solutions

We can set up dedicated resources for longer term solutions, we can tailor our service to meet your individual requirements.

Training scenarios

With over 10 years experience we have managed almost every possible disaster scenario that could occur with in a business. Our experience covers entire call centre functions to engineering and manufacturing facilities.

“The doors have been blown off and satellites have ‘fallen’ from the sky”

The key to success in these situations is practise, training and direct communications with staff and customers, normally a power cut or a poorly aimed JCB bucket cause these events but we will ensure you have the training to react with a calm and organised response.

We offer you the opportunity to test your systems and your teams, lessons learnt in a training environment are invaluable when real life comes to call.

You might also be interested in downloading our contact list, you can use it to have all of your contact details available when you need them quickly. Remember you may not have any utilities or power when you need them! Print a few out and give them to key members of staff.

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