B2B Business Networking events, with social media boost included

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B2B Networking Events online in the Northwest

Sign up before your sector gets locked out!

B2B Business Networking Events – Online

Our online business networking events are only £6 to attend, pay monthly by direct debit, you just have to register before attending, so we can check your sector is available at the meeting you want to attend.

You also get the chance to take advantage of our FREE social media boost when you attend our meetings.

What is the Social Media Boost?

Sign up & attend our online business networking meetings & you will find out! It is a social media promotion on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Can any company or business attend Ræcan Business Networking?

Yes, any company or business are welcome at our B2B networking meetings. To keep the networking relevant we have a few simple rules about who attends:

  • We have a limit of 3 companies or people per sector.
    • (We will start additional meetings to accommodate as many businesses as possible, please sign up!)
  • Only 2 representatives per company or organisation per meeting.
  • We operate a waiting list for our meetings.
    • If you book & don’t attend your place may be offered to someone on the waiting list

Zoom online B2B Business Networking events

If you are a business that just needs to start networking again after the COVID-19 lockdown or you have been thinking about starting your own business you will find our events friendly & relaxed but professional.
They are networking events, time is valuable for everyone! Our events are between 45min – 1.5 hour depending on the number of people who attend.

New to Zoom for Business Networking?
A new business or are considering starting your own business?

We can get you set up with everything you need to start using social media.
If you prefer to do it yourself, we have some online training available for you to use at your own pace! (there is a small charge for online training)

Why are your online B2B networking events only £6 per event?

We realise that a lot of sole traders, small business & larger companies have suffered considerably during the recent COVID 19 lockdown.
As a marketing agency, we realise the value of networking & support, this is something that we can do to help other business to start to recover.
As almost all networking events have moved online we don’t believe that business should have to pay annual membership fees to attend online networking events.

Whats the catch there must be something in it for you!

We promote using webchat & videochat on websites!

What is the format for the meeting?

  • We use Zoom as our platform.
  • There is an online waiting room, it opens about 15min before the meeting is due to start, please be ready to start on time!
  • All participants are muted when they enter the meeting.
  • We start with a quick recap on the networking format, this is normally a short video.
  • The video introduction to our business networking events allows people who are new to online networking to understand the format.
    • (It also allows anyone who is late to sneak in at the back)
  • We move into business networking rooms, where one person will be given the responsibility of keeping an eye on timing. You can ask for help from any of the admin team during the networking sessions.
  • Everyone does a 2 min presentation to the group
  • Once all the presentations are completed. All networkers apart from the room host move to a new networking room & begin again.
  • We aim to keep events to around an hour the number of networking rooms will depend on the number of attendees.
  • We finish with the social media boost, this section will help you to increase your social media reach, details change after each meeting so you have to stay to the end to get the best out of the event!

Got to the page of the networking event you would like to attend to register. You can sign up of as many events as you like. For some professional services, we allow companies to make their sector exclusive if you would like to know more about this option please contact us using the form below. (You must attend the business networking meetings if you want to make your sector exclusive)

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Sector Exclusive Business Networking Event Enquiry

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