Make More Money From Customer Your Reviews

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Turn customer reviews into revenue now!

Use customer reviews to increase revenue

Did you do the challenge?

Using customer reviews to drive customers to your business is as old as the hills.

Want to increase revenue but too busy to read the rest of the post go here now!

In today’s digital age, there are even more opportunities than ever to gain customer feedback.

Too Easy to review!

Trip Advisor, Google & Facebook don’t really allow you to reward your reviewers but they do allow your customers to write, share or read reviews.

Rather than playing the lottery of customer reviews why not try a new approach?

The answer is here but be quick or your competition will be first!

Combine customer reviews with customer rewards. Try this great new review and reward site now.
The benefits are great, the cost low and the rewards immediate!

Potentially DOUBLE your revenue from each customer & gather new customers.

How does it work?

  • A customer puts a review on the platform by either using:
    • QR code
    • Link on your website
    • Search website directory (will see all those other companies!)
  • You automatically send a reward for the review

What if it is a bad review?

You can choose whether to automatically send reviewers a reward or you can moderate reviews before doing so.

Why rewards bad reviews?

  • You could be getting something very wrong!
    • Take proactive steps to engage with customers who offer valid complaints
      • Maybe offer a slightly different reward?
    • “I wouldn’t have done that” is not a review, make sure reviews are objective
  • By moderating reviews you can learn more & protect your companies reputation
  • Automatic rewards should be relatively low cost with little risk but maybe could encourage more frequent visits

Chirp is a start-up, I’ve already got a TripAdvisor account!

  • That’s why the price is so good! Sign up now & you will keep the same subscription package for the lifetime of your account!
  • That’s why we are actively recruiting & calling business to sign up before their competition!

Chirp is aiming to be more trusted & better than Trust Pilot or TripAdvisor also more targetted & cheaper than GroupOn or Wowoucher.

Beginner Monthly Rolling account works out at Less than £2.50 per day! What are you waiting for?

SME Biz account is Less than £4.00 per day! Get A Head Start On Your Competition!

Sign up today & receive a guide to set up your account & generate your first rewards.

Chirp offers other great features, including promotion on social media for your business to the extended membership.

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