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Inbound Campaigns

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Inbound SMS marketing is suitable for almost any business and is particularly good for getting interest from consumers.

Setting up an inbound SMS marketing campaign is very simple.

You need to select a key word you want to use and then check if it is available. Once you have your keyword secured you just need to start promoting it. If you have delivery vehicles add it to your signage, taking out some advertising would be simple enough, using social media would also work well to start your campaign.

You can generally hire the keyword a month at a time but if you manage to secure something great like “Drive” and you are a driving instructor you might want to think about locking out your competition.

Things to consider when choosing keywords

Be careful check for negative connotations and words. It might be funny but there are bound to be consequences. Think about what you might want to add as a sub-word in the future.

If you want to use SMS messaging for your salon or boutique picking a keyword like ‘HAIR’

Once you have your keyword set up and advertised, you need to start adding some automatic responses that are sent to people who opt in to receiving messages. If you ask consumers to send you their e-mail address you can automatically respond to them with an e-mail with an introductory offer, you can also add them to your social media audience lists! You can also send an automatic SMS message after a set period of time, may be after 10 mins or the following day.

You will soon start to see which messages generate the best response. You can add a loyally scheme that you can run through out.

Ongoing costs for SMS marketing is very low with each message only costing you 4.9p +VAT if you add an element of competition to your message you are bound generate more interest. “Cocktails 1/2 price between 6pm-7pm for the first 10 customers who order cocktails before 6pm” You get the idea with SMS marketing you are limited to 140 characters (you need to include an optout option)


Give us a call today and we can help you get started with SMS marketing or we can manage the whole process for you as well as adding outbound telemarketing calls as well.