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B2B Business Lists

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Do you need marketing data for your latest project or promotion?

Segment your data geographically, by industry or by business size.

Selecting the type of business on your Business List can be done in a number of ways.

SIC Codes (Standard Industry Codes)

are classifications that business give to themselves there are two standards from 1992 & 2007, in theory this should be a great way to target your business list. However there is a change between the standards and you are relying on a business being in the classification you are expecting. The final way of selecting a Business Activity for your business list is to use a more

General Description

This option relies on a data supplier classifying a business in the same way that you would. Manufacturing is an all encompassing classification that includes printers, blind manufacturers and furniture stores!
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Selection by geographic area is generally a derived way of selecting a business to add to your B2b business list.


Typically based on postcodes, this is a great way of targeting business to add to your list. However you do need to understand what is included in areas described broadly eg. London does not include the postcodes that formerly made up Greater London.


Selecting geographic areas to add business to add to your B2B business list should really be used in conjunction with another variable. If you only intend to target a geographic area make it as small as possible! You are going to include ALL BUSINESS you should use this type of targeting if you are going to do some wider advertising to increase awareness.
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To select business by company size to add to your B2B business list, will mean you are relying on a data provider categorising the business correctly.


Generally turnover figures are derived and should be treated as a broad guideline. Suppliers also tend to make the classification bands quite broad.

Number of employees

Typically these figures are also 'estimated' by suppliers, this does help to eliminate small companies from your business list selection.


You can use this to identify multiple locations, this also gives you an indication of business size.
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There are many ways you might want to classify business to add to your B2B business list.

Age of business

Good way of selecting business that you know have been trading for sometime or might be targeting growth.


You might want to target members of particular trade bodies or institution. Many Chambers of Commerce will provide a list of members to members.


Companies at exhibitions might have a particular interest in your product.
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Screen your data against the latest telephone preference service lists, private and commercial, you need to check your data every 28 days!