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Have the rules been broken?

Interesting press release from the ICO relating to calls made during the election campaign.

Believe it or not!

In essence there are very strict rules about making calls to private individuals, you may be aware of the TPS (Telephone Preference Scheme) you can register your number so you should not receive unsolicited calls, however that does not mean you wont be contacted for legitimate market research purposes.
This is something that is exploited quiet often by unscrupulous companies to make calls to numbers on the TPS/CTPS list, a reputable market research company will tell you what they are doing & who they are doing it for, every time!

There are also very specific rules about the data a company can hold about you as an individual.

We always check our data against the TPS (& CTPS database) the only way we can make a call is if that individual or company is not on the list or has given express permission to use their data.

Telemarketing Is Dead !

Far from it, delivering a fast inter active campaign directly to individuals or companies is highly effective, if the correct targeting & proposition are used.

Using social media platforms, landing pages  & web chat will also help to amplify the results you can achieve with an outbound campaign.

Top Tip

Don’t forget good old fashioned white mail, if you are sending less than 3,000 pieces talk to us about our white mail service, if you are sending more than 3,000 you should talk to a mailing house, you will be eligible for third class postal rates!

It’s always a scam, ban the lot of them!

No, it’s not, there are strict rules that reputable companies follow, if you receive calls that are inappropriate etc. report them directly to the ICO, all calls should now present a valid Caller Id if you don’t see a number or get one when you 1471, note the companies name & report them directly to ICO.

Ban the lot!

If that is what you want, you will have to ban motor cars, motor bikes & vans etc. because they are used by armed robbers. Reporting companies that are breaking the regulations is the best way to combat problem callers.

What does the future hold?

Simple GDPR is coming!

There are still uncertainties about what the new legislation will entail but regardless of BREXIT it is likely that the regulations will remain inline with those governing Europe, the UK has been a leading contributor to drawing up the legislation.

We will have to see how the ICO deal with Blue Telecoms ……………

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We Are Recruiting Telesales Executives

We are recruiting again!

Part Time Job Bury, LancashireFull Time Job Bury, Lancashire

Roles available immediately in Bury, Greater Manchester.
Click on the icons above to apply now.

You will need to be able to load your CV from your mobile device.

Alternatively you can follow this link to our recruitment page

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Winnie the Pooh Day #winniethepoohday AA Milne Birthday

18th January was the birthday of A A Milne to remember him & some of his wonderful characters #winniethepoohday has been popular with fans.

We can’t run a teddy bears picnic or go to Pooh Corner to play Pooh sticks but we can run a little quiz!
See how many you can get before you take to the internet! Points for the answer & name the poem.

Answers on our Facebook & Twitter tomorrow!


  1. What kind of physicians looked after Christopher Robin?
  2. Which famous royal does the Teddy Bear meet?
  3. Who was the wisest knight from Appledore?
  4. How much would Alice refuse to be King?
  5. What upsets Mary Jane?
  6. What could the dormouse see?
  7. What is the reply if you ask me a riddle?
  8. What is needed for the Royal Slice of Bread?
  9. What was the sea doing?
  10. How does Christopher Robin go?

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the answers & some clues!

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Customer Feedback

surveys__190x190The  Sure Fire Secret Weapon To Make You Even More Awesome

Let Them Scream & Shout & let it all out

We run customer surveys for clients, some online, some on cards & some by SMS, some with a great customer service metric & these are the ones that are even more awesome.

They generate great leads for us to use in the e-marketing, online advertising & social media campaigns we also run alongside the surveys for our clients. (You didn’t think it was a Free Lunch did you?)

The one thing that all of our clients struggle with is negative feedback.

A Quick Reality Check, Get Your Feet On The Ground

One of our clients runs a successful food retail outlet, their TripAdvisor scores are good but their own survey is meteoric, well over 99% of respondents will recommend to friends & family (Awesome! We don’t care if 50% of these people are fibbing, it means over 500 people a quarter could say something good about our client). We like Adwords, Bing, Twitter & Facebook/Instagram advertising but one good word is priceless!

Will Bad News Kill Your Business?

No. There is no such thing just an opportunity to improve or learn. We find out what went on, who or what was to blame & what we can learn from the feedback.

  • Getting A Negative Response Just Means You Know What You Have To Do To Be AwesomeOne of our clients got very poor scores, across the board for everything! (Not Awesome) It was early days & we were not sure what the average response would be. So we dispatched an e-mail (The Secret Weapon) something along these lines:

“Thank you for your recent feedback, we run the customer survey for ABC, we noticed that you scored poor in all categories, could you take a minute & tell us why you gave this score so we can feedback to ABC & help them improve, your comments will remain anonymous. Thank you in advance”

  • Some what concerned we waited with bated breath for the reply, when it came….. well,
    • “Really sorry didn’t have my glasses with me, really love ABC & have booked a family celebration, please let them know it was great!”
  • Just a simple e-mail got a great response & we know the celebration went well, they told our client! Awesome!

Our Recommendations

  • Deal with negative feedback as quickly as you do positive.
  • DO NOT take it personally.
    • You have no idea what kind of a day the person complaining has had but you should keep your response professional.
  • cocktailsIf you have messed up apologise,
    • You don’t have to give a discount or anything else, just say sorry, if you want to give something away that is complementary, do it at the next visit.
      • Some folks just like to complain to get money off you know.
  • Listen to the feedback even if it is painful to hear.
    • Fix what you can.
    • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Pat yourself on the back you obviously care what your customers think.
    • That puts you way ahead of most of your competition.
  • Remember the other benefits your survey is bringing you

Of course we carry out surveys so we are some what biased, we know they are the sure fire way to make you awesome, why don’t you read this article in the Entrepeneur for some independent advice or better still start giving yourself the chance to be awesome.

Fill out your details here & we will get in contact.

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10 tips: How to create the killer sales questions

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Every day we have to put together campaigns for clients, selling different products & services to different potential customers. Get in contact and see how we can help your business grow.

The secret to great sales, has always been great questions. We hope you find these tips useful & that you can incorporate them into your sales.

1.Open questions

Use these to gather information & opinions. These questions should have no specific answer & should encourage discussion

eg. How do you think outsourcing lead generation would increase the conversion rate for your sales team?

2.Closed questions

Use these to establish facts, they should have an either or answer & should not encourage opinion or speculation, the answer could also be a number.

eg. Have you ever considered outsourcing lead generation to increase sales for your business?

3.Get the lay of the land

Establish a clear understanding of your customers current situation. You probably have some idea about how your prospect could use your product or service.

eg. Do you have enough sales leads? (Closed question). What sort of conversion rate does your sales team have? (Closed question, you need a number)

4.Spot light on pain

Find the pain. Establish what is causing you customer to be uncomfortable, frustrated, angry or desperate. These are strong emotions, you need to find as many as possible. These could be regulatory issues, legal responsibilities or industry specific.

eg. You don’t have a regular supply of leads for your sales team? You pay per lead but you don’t know how many you will get on a regular basis?

5.Pile on the pressure

Ask questions specifically about the problems that you have uncovered, these are where you start to leverage how the benefits of your product or service can help.

eg. How long can you keep your existing team, with out a regular supply of leads? If you don’t have a regular supply of leads how do you measure conversion rate?

6.Wrap it all up

Match the benefits for your product or service to the consequences you have uncovered.

eg. You need a regular supply of leads for your sales team & you need to know how much it will cost you each month, so you can budget & manage your sales teams time more efficiently?

7. Always have a plan!

Make sure you have a clear purpose for the questions you are going to ask. Prepare for each time you speak to your prospects, new contact, someone you have spoken to before, an acquaintance you should have something prepared for everyone.

Don’t get bored & move off message, just because you have asked the same question to everyone you meet in a day, it is the first time they will have been asked by you. Make it count!

Tip:Role play your calls a few times before you go live, it helps to give you confidence & is a chance for you to practise some of you objection handling!

8.Create a library

When you find a question that works well, keep it! Start to keep a record of your successful questions, you will be able to look for patterns & find what works best for you. This is also a great way to start building a training resource for your business & will also highlight areas that you are not focusing on when meeting prospects.

9.Industry specific

You will be able to demonstrate some of your skills & knowledge.

eg. How many calls per day do you expect your team to make when prospecting?

You can also target weakness in your competitors products & services.

eg. Do you get 24/7 support?

You can explore regulatory or compliance issues, make sure you you listen!


Make sure you actively listen to the answers to your questions, be ready to explore new opportunities that you discover. Encourage your prospect to expand on their answers, just because you think you know the answer do not assume anything!

eg. A:”We aren’t doing anything at the moment”
Q: ” When you say at the moment, does that mean there is something planned later on?”

Explore the replies you get, watch out for massively broad statements and answers containing words like; Always, All, Every time, Never.

Don’t think you can get into it? Give us a call we have got it covered!

Call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail

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Experimenting with social media!

A networking group that we attend recently ran a survey regarding social media usage. I would appreciate your help with a little experiment.
In light of a comment about actively sharing and promoting content please could you like/follow our pages on the following networks if you are on them.

Our brand new Facebook page:
LinkedIn page:

We will of course return the favour, if you are a small business!

We will post the results of this and some other experiments in a month or so!

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Ræcan Recorder

We don’t just generate leads or make cold calls. We also produce a daily ‘paper’ with news and information that we hope you will find interesting. We also share articles and interesting posts on our Social Media channels. Please feel free to comment here or send us and e-mail

Sign up to receive a notification directly to your inbox.

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How could you start using SMS marketing today?

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This week we have looked at a few ways you could use SMS or text marketing to generate inbound leads and then associate that with some outbound activity.

Multi level approach

Think of the ways you could integrate SMS marketing with some of the other techniques available. Use telemarketing to follow up inbound SMS marketing, gather more information with the telephone call. This not only generates more data, it also demonstrates a commitment to customer service that helps you be more professional than your competitors.

Include e-mail marketing in your outbound marketing, use the e-mail to drive traffic to your social media channels, your website (create links) and your telephone. Integrate analystics into your back links so you can measure your success.

Add to the value of your data

Convert paper records into an electronic format that you can keep updated.

Combine your data and customer information to produce a powerful dataset that you can continue to use. Data mining and analysis allows you to look at your customers profile through out the year.
Call us to discuss how we could append your data. Target your marketing activities at the times when you need to increase sales eg. start a summer campaign earlier to allow for a quieter time in August.

I’ve only got one pair of hands!

When did we start with that 48 hour day?

Sorry we haven’t, in fact we are really stuck with only a 37 1/2 hour week!
So if you don’t have time to answer your phone, make our outbound sales calls, send out your SMS, write your e-mail shots, analyse your data, map your customers or append your data then call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail, it’s all we do!

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SMS for small commercial business

Set up your SMS marketing today!

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So far we have considered a sole trader using SMS marketing to generate inbound leads and using SMS in an outbound activity. We have also looked at how to engage with an audience at an event. Today we are going to concentrate on using SMS to make exclusive offers to trade customers.

Example #3

First and foremost you must only use opted in data, that is data that your customer has given you and have agreed you can use.

Again we will assume that text cost £0.10+VAT and we are going to rent a keyword.

The Scenario

We have a small builders merchant, with an extensive range of products, including consumables. Sold via our trade counter and also an e-commerce website that delivers about 70% of the sales in the business. The objective is to increase the value of trade counter sales.

What is the set up

QR code for sending Inbound SMS marketing messages

Using a QR code means your potential customers just have to scan the code! Readers are available for free on all the current app stores.

We need to get the opted in data using signage around the trade counter and something on invoices for internet customers, add something on your social media. Consider adding a QR Code to the signage to give maximum impact and make it easier for customers to participate. Offer a prize draw in the first month to encourage participation.

Now set up a series of promotions focused on consumables and items that will give the broadest appeal eg. Link Stanley Knife blades with silicon sealant.

Using SMS marketing to promote a combined package of products

Any consumable that you could buy in bulk you should consider promoting in this way


“Buy 6 tubes of silicon sealant and get a pack of Stanley Knife blades FREE Whilst stocks last, COLLECTION ONLY, REPLY “Reserve” to secure your stock”.

Combine products for a promotion delivered using outbound SMS

Add relevant products to deliver an attractive package





Try and anticipate seasonal requirements a few weeks in advance, so you are in the mind of your customers. Coolants, antifreeze, spill kits, wipes, gloves, shoe covers any consumable that is going to be required frequently and you can get a better price for if you buy in bulk. You are now making frequent contact with your customers but also increasing footfall to your trade counter. You are competing against large multiples with massive resources for advertising but they are slow to respond, if you can get your product into your customers stock, no amount of additional advertising will make them buy more!

Promote tool box talks or demonstrations from new suppliers, introduce new catalogue launches.  As the use of smart phones and tablets expands you can include attachments as well, gather e-mail address from your customers and send e-mail shots that allow you to show case higher value products.

The SMS costs

Well we know £0.10 +VAT per SMS to send to 100 customers costs £10+VAT, as you are up selling products, ie. twice as many sealants per sale, you would only need something better than a 1% response rate to pay for the sending.

Keyword rental depends on how long you commit to but if you budget around £35+VAT per month you have left yourself with the greatest number of choices.

So if you sent a message every week to 100 customers that would only cost you £75+VAT per month to send out 4 sales promotions up selling to your existing customers.

Want to set up your SMS marketing now?

Call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail

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SMS marketing can be easy for any business

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Yesterdays example was focused on a sole trader today we are going to look at a single event in this case an exhibition but it could be a product launch (lower costs), a new store or branch opening (higher costs).

As previously we will assume sending a text costs £0.10 +VAT but two keywords are rented.

Example #2

Our case study today is going to focus on an industrial b2b exhibition (b2c is a bit more complicated! due to privacy rules and legislation). The exhibition runs for 3 days and is the leading event in the industry.
Rather than the traditional ‘put your card in this bowl to win a bottle of champagne’ or whatever your promotion is, go for an SMS keyword activity. Your company name or initials maybe, you could run two, one for people you speak to on the stand and one for passers by (they might have too many bags stuffed with literature to text try a QR code instead!).

So you now have a list of opted in mobile numbers (you are going to ask for the e-mail address as well aren’t you?), that you know were at the exhibition on a particular day at a particular time.


1. You could promote new products that you are presenting at the exhibition to the passers by, whilst they are still in the exhibition hall, increasing the foot fall to your stand rather than your competitors.
2. Invite people you have spoken to for an after exhibition drink or reception. If you want to be boring you could invite them on a factory tour or webinar.
3. Encourage people to forward your details to a colleague who was not at the exhibition so they can enter (think about this one!!)
4. Promote up coming product launches or initiatives you are running
5. Send information about how you got on at the exhibition, call to action

The numbers

So we will say there where 95,000 people who attended the exhibition over the 3 days, you had a bit of a poor stand so you only got about 30% walk by your stand (2,850) but 30% stopped to see you 855

Back to the options 1. Send your promotional SMS to 1995 passers by would cost £199.50+VAT or £66.50+VAT per day you have spent a few thousand getting there and how much do those barcode readers cost to rent?
2. Send to the 855 who have visited you £85.50+VAT only £28.50+VAT per day
Well the scary part about option 3 is you will get a whole load of contact details about the people in the companies that were not even at the exhibition, if only 1% of the people who ‘saw’ you responded that is another 28.5 people you will have engaged with an increase of 30% for the whole exhibition!
Option 4&5 are the same cost £285+VAT only £95+VAT per day

The total

So for the extra £190+VAT per day= £570+VAT plus the keyword rent for a month makes a total spend of under £700+VAT

Is that it?

Well no, remember you know when exactly someone was interacting with you! So your follow up e-mail (text RMS and your e-mail address and full name if it is not in your e-mail!) after the show can include information about what else happened on that day or that morning. You can carry on with the activity for the rest of the month and you have gained a massive amount of opted in data. Send a survey out to find out about your customer experience at the whole exhibition, what would they like to see next year?
Don’t forget to invite them along when next years event is on, maybe run a VIP lounge or bar.

If you only remember one number out of all of this, here it is, you get a list of qualified opted in e-mail addresses, relevant to your industry for less than 25p each +VAT what would have happened if you got a 35% foot fall?

Call us today 01706 304450 or e-mail

PS. While your at the exhibition don’t forget you can use our virtual assistant to answer your phones

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